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12.16.2013 , 11:59 AM | #160
Quote: Originally Posted by Fidelicatessen View Post
They are obviously ignoring your thread, Mr. Watermelon.

You haven't started stamping your feet yet. I told you to do that on like page 3 and you still haven't started. THAT'S why they aren't paying attention to your thread.

Seriously, flop around and scream--throw a real tantrum, maybe break some dishes. Foam at the mouth. That oughta get you noticed!

There are actual, game-breaking bugs that have been around longer than a year (CTD on Esseles/Black Talon comes to mind). You really are going to have to break a lot of dishes to get them to make this one a priority, so I suggest you get crackin'!

OFF-TOPIC: for the record, I never called you an idiot. In fact, I haven't yet used that word in any posts on this thread (until just now). I didn't call you anything--personal attacks are strictly forbidden.
I never said you called me an idiot. I said other people did.

Also I don't want to get too nasty. I don't want my account to get temporarily suspended/ Banned. especially with the new life day event/reoccurring Gree event starting tomorrow. How can I stamp my feet on the forums? That's a physically action. my physical actions can't get posted on the forums. I thought you were joking when you said that.