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And yes, again, there are many troll threads. I understand that. Well, go back and look at some of these threads and see who's posting in them. Half the posts are from these elite posters defending the game. If it's already a troll thread, then just let it die. If it's a more serious thread that's actually discussing things, then let it thrive. The forums doesn't need a self-appointed police force.

And seriously, where are the moderators in all this? They could pop in once in a while and restore order, maybe issue a few warnings when things get out of hand.
As one of the "usual posters", I agree 100% with you on this entire topic. I think the level of insults and increased attacks on people is going largely unchecked and is doing more to cause a toxic community than any other issue. The "cool" thing seems to be to troll and antagonize people who comment incorrectly on anything about the game.

I find it disgusting tbh. I think it's reprehensible that Bioware allows a few trolls, defenders or not, to drive off so many of their customers.
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