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OP has a good point. From launch through 2.0. I would agree that the content release has been absolutely terrible and extremely lacking...however...I do feel that the second half of this year has been extremely promising.

I'm not fond of 4v4 arenas, they can scrap those, but it's an added bit of PvP content for slower times - it needs its own queue. The 2 new Ops with Arenas were also good. And I've been extremely pleased with GS so far.

Again though, Bioware leaves the play styles anemic with content. There are really only 3 Ops that are of any difficulty at 55. PvP suffers the most with just 2 maps in 2 freaking years. Arenas have just 4 maps and GS only has 2. They need to beef up the existing content in 2014...4 of each should be their goal.
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