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Well... since the OP likes to make comparisons between this game and WoW, let's go all the way shall we?

WoW had its first expansion released 2+ years after its release.
It included:
2 New Races.
Max level increased with 10 lvls.
1 New "Planet".
8 Dungeons
1 New battleground for PvP
3 arenas.

So basically that's what you got for 2+ years of development.

If you ask me, SW:TOR is doing just fine with its content.
Yeah if you compare to a game released nearly 10 years ago and when MMOS were way less popular and developed as today . I don't really see this as "doing just fine" .

Swtor failed badly during it's launch for the exact reasons you stated on an earlier post, they tried to copy wow. IF they had released a finished product, with decent engine , pvp and end game it wouldn't have failed. But as you said they wanted a theme park mmo, which is also not very a popular style and at the same time tried to copy a game that wasn't one.

If you gonna release a copy of something you have to make it better or at the very list on par with the game you copied. Releasing an inferior product just to meet a deadline is what killed the original swtor. What we have now are merely the lifeboats of the TORtanic.

I unsubbed when they released 2.0 as the direction of the game was going didn't please me. I gave a shot after i saw they released oricon with DF and DP. I have to say the game has improved since 2.0 and quite a bit since launch. But by no means the pace they are improving things and releasing content is enough to compete with high end MMO these days.

There is still nearly NO QOL in this game. Getting around has improved a small amount in this game but that was it. There is still no way differentiate your debuffs and dots from others (even from your companion). 0 was done to improve the quality of guild facilities, no in game calender, no guild only area. No multiple specs or gear slots allowing us to easily switch specs and roles when out of combat, we still only have field respec.

Furthemore there is still no way to easily check transfer items, lockouts, quests ,inventory , credits and bank tabs of characters within the same legacy, which is one of the main features of this game I would say and what could really sets it apart from other mmos if the time was taken to improve it (specially if this is a themepark mmo) .

With all that being said this was my last shot on the game. I definetly won't renew my subscription, unless we get the news of any of these things are being adressed. So far the only part of this game getting some real attention seems to be the cartel. I didn't even mention pvp , because since I heard they removed 8v8 ranked AFTER allowing people to transfer to pvp servers I see pvp as a non-feature in this game, it's just a way for players to get they 2nd place BIS pve relics (bad bad design that devs said it wouldn't happen again).
Star Wars: Attack of the Cartel.