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Since the release of GS, I've spent more time in space. Never the less, that is subjective on a per player basis, so I wont argue that point. However your previous post that I was replying to said that GS wasnt what was asked for, and you are clearly wrong. People *have* been asking for that since beta. You may not have personally asked for it, but many people did.
Well, to be fair when something new is released, everyone would want to spend time with it. That's natural. That will probably wear off with much the same reason the main world wore off.

What I mean when it I said it wasn't what was asked for, I meant that what players really wanted was to be able to fly free, much like in SWG. It's definately what I want, but I'm not saying now that I don't like GS, because it's fun, but it is a PvP arena after all, and something you jump into, then jump out of. It's not like jumping into your ship, piloting it around in space above and around the space station. Then deciding to go to lightspeed and continue flying around with your ship.

It's not really the same thing. GS you have to queue for, it's not something you can hop into when you want, the queue has to let you in first.
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