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12.16.2013 , 09:49 AM | #183
As a current recruit of Pax I am here to give my two cents on the recruiting process. I have been privileged to be in some outstanding guilds and while it isn't hard to find a guild in SWTOR; what Pax gives to its members is a very different experience. In the last few weeks, Pax members have made time to ask me questions and get to know me. By the time I would officially join, I feel like I am hanging out with some old friends.

As a fellow Scyllian from SWG, I have known of the Pax gaming guild for almost 10 years. They come with a reputation of treating each other and their fellow gamers with respect. I don't feel pressure to be into RP, or make a 3 night a week raid schedule, or be fully decked out in the latest pvp gear; this guild is about doing what they can to help each member get what they can out of their chosen game. You choose what you want to have fun doing and the leadership here will open the doors.

Thanks to all the Pax members that have taken the time to say hello.