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Just in case that wasn't the sarcasm I expect it was, yes EA owns and develops ToR. EA bought Bioware, Bioware was slowly gutted like all companies EA buys out, you now have EAware. EA even renamed a dozen of it's own previously owned divisions "Bioware" immediately upon purchase to give it's lesser developer houses "good" brand recognition.

R.I.P. Bioware, Long Die EAware.
Thank you, Zorvan. Thats exacly what i tried to say.
When EA bought Bioware, most of those beutiful promises about game being super-uniqe got brought to same formula as many other mmorpg games + awesome Single Player-alike leveling experience. And that, aside of bolster system(which was sadly ignored at max lvl, even tho it could have been awesome balancing system for all-level pvp) became main redeeming qualities of the game. When you reached end game tho, it became just another grind of similar kind as WoW.
When game went F2P it was obvious, that those qualities werent enough to maintain the playerbase, so it was decided to milk the game as much as its possible. Before it ends like Warhammer online(also destroyed by EA).