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Agreed. My friend was irrational, and many on this forums are irrational, everyone pretty much agrees there.

The question is, what to do when faced with irrationality?

Engage it and fight it?

Help alleviate it if you can, or ignore it if you can't?

I choose the latter. If everyone did, I guarantee we'd see less and less of these posts popping up. There are those who feed on discontent, and going head-to-head with irrational people just makes you yourself sound irrational and doesn't help in the end.
Its clear to me you are projecting.

There is NOTHING irrational about trying to improve things you love.

Whats irrational? You, trying to understand people on a psychological or philisophical level based off of forum post. Or your scrutinizing of random people's opinions on the internet maybe?

Labeling people as irrational is really just a cop out. It seems your agenda is to delegitimize or ostracize their opinion in a public forum for a game of which they are a subscriber.

This thread is utter garbage.