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The fact is, if this game wasn't Star Wars, it would be absolutely deserted right now.
The only thing that makes most people stay in it is because it has lightsabers and is placed in one of the most epic universes ever created.
And that's it.
I, for example, play this game because it is a good sci-fi (or space opera, science fantasy, whatever we are going to call the genre) MMORPG, of which we have not seen much in last years, or they were much more money-grubbing (STO) or really niche (EVE). I also play because my guild is truly awesome, without them, I would probably be playing much less.

As to the "its star wars", it is a known fact that many consumers choose stuff based on a brand. So yes, the Star Wars name brings people who would not think about playing another generic fantasy mmo, but who might be willing to try a "star wars" game.

Also, lightsabers are pretty awesome
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