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Yeah, I think we might need to stop using analogies because it still makes no sense to me.
Have we moved on to discussing utterly irrational behavior?
Because, what your friend did is the very definition of irrationality. He doesn't like a certain thing, he even made fun of it and then he decided to give it a try, invest time and money on it because...?
Agreed. My friend was irrational, and many on this forums are irrational, everyone pretty much agrees there.

The question is, what to do when faced with irrationality?

Engage it and fight it?

Help alleviate it if you can, or ignore it if you can't?

I choose the latter. If everyone did, I guarantee we'd see less and less of these posts popping up. There are those who feed on discontent, and going head-to-head with irrational people just makes you yourself sound irrational and doesn't help in the end.