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Quote: Originally Posted by Lord_Ravenhurst View Post
it is shocking how many people list exactly these reasons, star wars and lightsabers.
So if EA's Battlefront and open world SW multiplayer game come out, guess what will happen to TORs population..
The fact is, if this game wasn't Star Wars, it would be absolutely deserted right now.
The only thing that makes most people stay in it is because it has lightsabers and is placed in one of the most epic universes ever created.
And that's it.

It's very far from being finished. I re subbed after 1,5 years and I have to say that there's barely anything added or changed. And even less things are fixed, I still see some ridiculous bugs that I saw at launch, and I cannot possibly take the developers seriously - it is obvious to me that they gave up and they are just trying to keep the game breathing, but not really trying to make it great.