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Quote: Originally Posted by TheNahash View Post
But this is not what's happening here, is it?
And again, your analogy is not really correct.
If you have a problem with Disneyworld's rides and you truly want to help make them better, you send a letter to Disney and you hope they'll take your advice. They are not obligated to do so, but still you hope they will because you actually want to see better rides and shows and you think your ideas are great. If they don't you always have the option to never go to Disneyworld again - it is, after all, entertainment and no one's life depends on going there.
You don't go around the park complaining to anyone you meet about your issues with the park because yeah, after a while, you are ruining people's fun. Although, you're right. It's not those people's job to escort them out of the park but, as far as I know, we can't do that here either.

But that's not the main issue. The problem is that in a forum (or any place you can discuss about the future of the game/park) people are supposed to provide constructive criticism and feedback so that the game gets better and the existing issues are resolved.

So when the same few people (some of them with different accounts) make the same kind of threads about how much they hate (or love) the game, there's nothing "constructive" about that. I realize those people want SWG back or they want SWTOR to become something entirely different or just can't find anything wrong with the game but they are effectively destroying the point of having a forum, because the few important threads just get lost in the way.
I agree, but there are those here that purposely hang around the customer service booth, eavesdropping on everyone's complaint, and getting involved in the discussion because they like to argue.

And despite what people "are supposed" to do, they will do whatever they are allowed to do. You, or I, or any other player here cannot change that. Only forum moderators can. If they aren't deleting these posts that rile you up, then they must not be all that concerned about them, and you shouldn't either. It's just the sound of discontent. If you don't like that sound, distance yourself from it. (/ignore is your friend)

As far as "important threads" getting lost, that is the fault of people who would rather comment on the incendiary posts rather than the constructive ones. A complainer can only be a complainer if he/she has an audience.