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if you like dodge then ok, I guess, personally I'd never buy one, becasue there are cheaper, more reliable, easier to maintain cars out there.

when you bought a dodge? did you buy it specifically for being a dodge, or it was just convenient car at the right price at the right time and you didn't particularly care what make it was? becasue that makes a difference. its much easier to let insults slide when you have no personal investment in target of insults whatsoever.
When I bought SWTOR, I had a long history with Star Wars, and a love of the IP. I watched the original movie in 1977 sitting in the back seat of my Dad's 1974 Coronet. I bought SWTOR because I love Star Wars and enjoy playing any game remotely related to it.

When I bought my Dodge, I also had a long history with the company. I travelled to Disney for the first time bouncing around in the back of my Dad's 1974 Coronet one summer. I bought my current Dodge (a Stratus) because it was cheap, in good condition, and made sense at the time. I tend to buy Mopar vehicles because it is the dealer my family has always dealt with, so I get a better deal when shopping for a car.

One purchase made out of love, and one purchase made out of logic. I do not frequent either this forum, or Mopar forums bashing or praising either product. And I don't get emotionally compromised by others doing so.

The whole idea of "personal investment" is irrational, unless you own stock in the company, or work for the said company.

On the flip side, someone who feels they were wronged by a company would certainly voice their opinion and attack to them publicly, for maximum PR damage. As long as they don't cross any legal lines when doing so, there is nothing that can be done to stop it, even if they are being irrational about it, and even if you don't want to hear it. But you always have the option of walking away and not listening.