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This is what I don't understand. Why would you get all riled up about a game unless you were one of the developers or programmers who built it? I see a lot of this in the forums, and it eludes me as to why mere players of a game would so staunchly defend it.

I mean, I drive a Dodge, and some friends make some low-brow insults about it and make fun of me driving it. Do I go off like a raving lunatic in defense of Mopar's good name like I have a personal stake? No, I just laugh along and let it run it's course.

I suspect there is more to this phenomena than meets the eye, but on the surface, it seem ludacris.
People defend the things the love. If they love them irrationally, they will defend them irrationally. Its not a good thing for those people to as it doesn't tend to keep them from seeing the things they love for what they are or that there might be something else that they might love more. It does seem ludacris from the outside looking in, but its something that person will have to sort out for themselves. No amount of berating them will change it. Likely it will only prolong it.

To address the other side of it. There are people that seem to find a great level of enjoyment in trying to crush the love people have for things that they do not share or understand. Posting endless threads attacking the game, insulting the people who play and then lingering (and paying the developers they hate) to continue the behavior is no less irrational. I mean if you hate something and think its terrible, wouldn't you move on to something better rather than spend your time being obsessed with it and those that still enjoy it?

I think both sides need to consider why they are acting as they do (they won't). Neither operates rationally and both are obsessed with SWTOR in a way that is kinda unhealthy.

The worst part of it is that anyone who just has an idea for improvement, wishes to vent a valid frustration or say they like anything about the game gets immediately lumped in with the lunatic fringe. Rational discussion is hijacked and we have a forum that most people who play the game avoid.

Now before people completely stop reading, I better get to the point of my post: Dodge sucks!
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