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This is what I don't understand. Why would you get all riled up about a game unless you were one of the developers or programmers who built it? I see a lot of this in the forums, and it eludes me as to why mere players of a game would so staunchly defend it.

I mean, I drive a Dodge, and some friends make some low-brow insults about it and make fun of me driving it. Do I go off like a raving lunatic in defense of Mopar's good name like I have a personal stake? No, I just laugh along and let it run it's course.

I suspect there is more to this phenomena than meets the eye, but on the surface, it seem ludacris.
As in stating as fact ( and I do mean, they say "its a fact") things that are untrue or subjective. They then proceed to declare anyone that disagrees with stated "fact" to be blind to the truth.
There is a large subjective element to the quality of entertainment. Declaring your view as "fact" is what gets me and many other a bit riled up. I am sure some do not realize, but I am sure others do it intentionaly.