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NO. My agneda has nothing to do with this approach working. I said it works as long as what your saying is reasonable. I'm starting to think your purposely misunderstanding my comments just for fun. But no matter. The comments I get the more pages it is. The more pages, the more likely it is for a developer to respond to this thread. If they were to respond, it would show that they are not ignoring us. SInce they are not responding its safe to assume they haven't read this.
They are obviously ignoring your thread, Mr. Watermelon.

You haven't started stamping your feet yet. I told you to do that on like page 3 and you still haven't started. THAT'S why they aren't paying attention to your thread.

Seriously, flop around and scream--throw a real tantrum, maybe break some dishes. Foam at the mouth. That oughta get you noticed!

There are actual, game-breaking bugs that have been around longer than a year (CTD on Esseles/Black Talon comes to mind). You really are going to have to break a lot of dishes to get them to make this one a priority, so I suggest you get crackin'!

OFF-TOPIC: for the record, I never called you an idiot. In fact, I haven't yet used that word in any posts on this thread (until just now). I didn't call you anything--personal attacks are strictly forbidden.