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And it has done for a long loong time since before free2play and while i am looking forwards to new games in 2014 (ESO/Wildstar/Titanfall/etc) i would certainly rather stay on SW:TOR but not if it remains as it is, IMO it needs the event to be happening faaar more frequently, and i don't just mean the gree, the bounty hunter thing, double XP days that might or might not be happening every often enough to not care about any of them, but there isn't even any daily events to hightail it round the galaxy to. When im playing other MMOs or even multiplayer MODs "that shall not be named" its like every 2 hours something happens for me to plan my evening for as well as big weekend things. i come to this and its just que for warzones, grind daily's, im a PVPer mostly so that's kind of it for me and even then my daily's are souly for the sake of stims. I mean there could be so much more going on in the game if someone just organized it.

:2 hours of valor and bolster in outlaws den
:raid bosses attacking kaas city or even the FLEET
:NPC invasions of random friendly zones
:double XP drop in/drop out Open space combat
:Mining events like 2 hours of awesome drops in specific places like again kaas city and so on
:2 hours of faster crafting
:Po'Companion'mon load into arenas with ur companion and u can only control their quick-bars
:Pet-Hunts (and realy they need to be respawning when their available who the hell re-clicks them after every Ops just sayin)
:2 hours of PVE coms drop-chance in certain places
:gambling on naar shaddar (i also seem to remember a droid race back in the day)
: tickets to load into ranked arenas as a spectator in spectator boxes (grey out quick bars)
:add a form of bolster and access to coruscation for imps and DK for pubs lowbies can insta-gib their enemy's for 2 hours but also have 55 enemy players spawning in random areas, will you defend your own young-lings or invade?
: hunt down Revan (he is hiding somewhere in the galaxy as a world boss, find him and call for re reinforcements, defeat him for rewards) once u target him he throws up a shield that requires a 30 man group to beat lowby worlds could bolster any player in the fight perhapse?

there is soo much potential for spontaneity in the galaxy that just is not happening and Im sure bioware could invent hundreds of these things and just being around for these things would give allot of players who like myself are becoming bored with the same routine day in day out, the game feels almost totally written off with a few token events once in a blue moon instead of a regular bases maybe just because the devs have nothing better to do or EA just dont think its worth paying them to organise these things and if they don't care why should we? even the facebook page has more events than this game does how sad is that? why cant the gree land for 2 days of the week every 2 weeks ilum is totally dead for the second week of the last 2, same with the bounty thing, same with double XP weekends i mean in all seriousness bioware do you want people to play this game or not?

EDIT: TLDR: Yes i mean this game needs more live dynamic events to bring the galaxy to life, including making use of the slowly added content.
No, the game doesn't feel abandoned. 150 people in INSTANCE 1 of the fleet last night. That's not abandoned. Lots of folks play it.

If you don't like the content they are rolling out, that's not the same as the game feeling "abandoned." As they are, in fact, rolling out new content on a regular basis, it doesn't even fit the definition of "abandoned" in any way.