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One reviewer described EVE best as an MMO that made deep-space exploration into a boring mess of spreadsheets and that EVE players are to nerds what nerds are to normal people.

Find a better example.
What are normal people and who defines the ability to be normal ? I ask becouse i have friends who play consol games and they find my liking of MMO's to be abnormal, does liking MMO's make me abnormal ? Seems to me we live on a big world with alot of dissimilar views and the polling on what is and is not normal isn't in yet.

If i wanted to use SWTOR as an example of a Themepark MMO in a conversation should i not do that as several reviews i read after launch described it as a Single player game with multiplayer co-op, or becouse alot of people at launch didn't believe SWTOR was worth paying for ? I'd say no SWTOR is a valid example of a Themepark game, just as valid as AoC, WoW, or Rift.