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It would have been a great post with sticking to the truth of the matter that both camps are equally guilty of dragging threads into pointless name calling and insults. Some good threads have been dragged down, but we have seen many lately that really are obvious attempts to rile people up while others seem to be looking for a totally different game (this is not SWG nor was it ever intended to be sandbox).
Well, I did say half... isn't that pretty equal? I think one okay way to defend the game would be to pop in, say what you have to say, then move on. What I see instead is certain posters repeating the same thing again and again throughout a thread until the thread is completely useless because there's maybe 2 or 3 pages of good stuff and then 20+ pages of useless insult trading... which wouldn't even be there if no one had stepped in to start the argument in the first place.
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I know I get riled up when people post about the game milked and abandoned and have to take a deep breath before posting (and still regret some posts).
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This is what I don't understand. Why would you get all riled up about a game unless you were one of the developers or programmers who built it? I see a lot of this in the forums, and it eludes me as to why mere players of a game would so staunchly defend it.
Pretty much this. Why get so upset when people voice their opinions? Is Bioware paying you to stomp out any player requests or complaints? No? Then say your piece and move on.
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Is that confirmed?

Going on a lot of her posts I thought she had free reign to do and say anything she liked.

Must have been a doozy if they actually gave her a timeout.
See, this is what I mean. We all know the missing poster-who-shall-not-be-named because this "elite" poster has posted on so many threads and said pretty much the sames things each time that it's all become so predictable. The forums have become stagnant and useless as a place to voice opinions because people get shot down merely for suggesting change.

And yes, again, there are many troll threads. I understand that. Well, go back and look at some of these threads and see who's posting in them. Half the posts are from these elite posters defending the game. If it's already a troll thread, then just let it die. If it's a more serious thread that's actually discussing things, then let it thrive. The forums doesn't need a self-appointed police force.

And seriously, where are the moderators in all this? They could pop in once in a while and restore order, maybe issue a few warnings when things get out of hand.