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Im completely amazed this argument has carried on for like 3 pages now

Look, if you learn the fights on 8 man, progress on 8 man, gear up on 8 man, and then go back into 16 its going to seem easier, and if you gear up/progress on 16 and then drop to 8s, then the 8s are going to seem easier. Arguing about the current tier of HMs is ridiculous anyway, since theyre a joke on either mode, are tuned for like 72 gear, when everyone went in with full 75s and is now in nearly full 78s.

8s are a harder DPS check (at least in the last NiM Tier, i dont think any bosses enrage in DP/DF on either mode) and your raid composition is more important. Mechanics and coordination are more important in 16, and the tank/heal check is harder. I think some fights are more difficult on 8, and some more difficult on 16 probably.

Maybe bioware should just do what WoW is doing in WoD and make nightmare all one raid size in between the two then maybe we could all get along.

(Also im pretty sure no one has ever 6 healed anything in 16 man)
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