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This was the only fight in these new ops where 16 man was harder. The rest of the fights were completely faceroll easy compared to 8 man. When the power of the masters channel started, we lost 3 dps within seconds before the healers could even react lol.
I would somewhat agree that 16 man can be easier if you look at it from a dps and healing per person perspective but having 16 people all following mechanics can be an issue.

We can clear both new ops in 8 man very fast in one night but when it comes to 16 man it almost always takes much longer.

Why 16 Man is harder to me.

-Finding 16 Competent players
-Harder to manage 16 players
-Mechanics generally wipe the raid very easily (Brontus balls and Corrupter zero concussion grenades)
-Hand holding becomes very hard compared to 8 man
-Boss damage output often not scaled realistically (28k force push on sin tanks dread guard fight)
-Disconnects and computer issues are almost a sure thing in 16M raids.