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There's a big difference between them because you can completely ignore the small adds for WH completely by having 2 stealth characters. Thus, you remove the mechanic of having to deal with them entirely. Every statement you have made regarding what can be cheesed in 16 man is wrong or can be done in 8 man as well.
Still People call it mechanic cheesing when you just have 1 shadow/assassin tanking. Partially removing or fully removing a mechanic is cheesing. First Lie from you. My statements are simply correct, you don't even try to defute them.

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No one said they are the same and I have yet to attack you so please stop playing the victim. All I've done is correct your false statements and try to show that your theory is different from reality. You have no proof whatsoever of you and these other progression guilds beating 16 man with 8 non-overgeared DPS and you have lost all credibility with your incredulous claims of "non-progression" teams beating 16 man NiM TFB and/or SnV with 8 DPS even now, much less doing it without being overgeared.
I have never said that non-Progression Teams beat 16 man nim tfb. I said that they easily meet the dps requirements for tfb nim 16 man as most of the 8 man enrages even on nim are very easy.
Pre DG Nim required atleast 200 dps more from every dps, still guilds killed it with 72 gear.
Also, as you can't deny that tfb nim dg has 62% more health in 16 man nim but you have 150% more dps Players, your first part is simply trying to spread misinformation on the forums. Pathethic.

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We're done here, but in the future, I would advise you to keep your ignorance to yourself on subjects on which you lack experience and knowledge like this one. It's not appreciated when people like you decide to spread misinformation and lie to the community. Of course, this is an online forum so it's a frequent problem that will always exist, but there is no reason for you to contribute to it with blatantly false information. You've always been better than this before and stooping to this level just seems unlike you.

I don't blame you for taking the easy way out in doing 8 mans as the path of least resistance is very tempting and most people don't have the time or dedication needed to do 16 man progression. If some day you want something closer to a challenge, you can always try 16 mans out during the next NiM tier during progression. Good luck.
I am never lieing. But you are not understanding that enrage timers are way tighter in 8 man then in 16 man. Well i guess some people are not smart enough to know wether 62 or 150 is the bigger number.

It's you trying to spread misinformations around the forums.
I said tfb and sv nim 16 man are as difficult as sv/tfb 8 man nim and i know that the top 16 man and 8 man nim guilds all aggree on that. If some random person thinks different, hey who cares.
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