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12.15.2013 , 05:44 PM | #67
I think players are ready for Sandbox. Games like SWG came a bit too early. A time when PCs were few and far between, the internet was just embracing broadband @512kbs(UK anyway!) and things have moved on lots.

However, publishers just aren't prepared to risk it so instead copy the WoW formula and after which, are left scratching their heads why everyone left after their 30 days.

It's simple. If someone has invested 5+ years in WoW and are wanting something different, they will try out a new MMO. However, they then discovered its just a reskin of WoW with a odd feature change, therefore doesnt warrant them investing time in to it.

Players are looking for something other than a cookie cutter MMO it just needs a publisher with big balls to deliver it. Developers and publishers will never learn with a themepark MMO. Content is king and you'll just burn yourself into the ground with endless reskinned raids/dungeons that wont keep players hooked long enough.