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12.15.2013 , 05:38 PM | #6783
Quote: Originally Posted by UncelSam View Post
I want Freedom of Choise!

I want all players to be aable to freely choose what kind of WZ they want to Q for.

If you want PUG vs PUG , u go for that.

If you want Premades vs Premades u go for that.

Easy as Pie.

Where are supposed to learn premades who are just starting? Or those who go in just with casual friends who play once a week? Those premades would get stomped even more against a good premade than pug gets against premade. Because in pug there is a chance there will be some good player here and there. So what you want would divide warzone queue so much in the end you would wait whole day for one warzone. No thank you. This is just perfect as it is. Only maybe ranked should be also 8v8 arenas because people are asking for it. And there should be possible to choose 4v4 or 8v8.

Also you make it seem like you are getting stomped by premade every game, which is not possible. I'm never stomped by a premade, only by stupid play of my team or smart play of enemy team, whatever they are, pug or premade. But you are just not a proper PvPer because you would understand that.

I dare you to go in game and make videos of at least 10 games in one week where premade was only reason why your team lost. Which wasnt just fail of your team. I bet you will have 1, maybe 2 if you would play warzones as crazy. But probably you'd have none.