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Thats only because your lack of PvP experience doesn't allow you to comprehend what he said. Like I said, you see your truth you think there is, but there is no truth which is fixed, we can only try to look for it every day and every minute. You try to force on others your way instead of talking to them. First you need to start to think critically, realistically about what that guy and other say, but you are not able to do so because you are locked in your own little box of your truth which doesn't allow you to go anywhere else.

I feel sad about people like you.
I want Freedom of Choise!

I want all players to be aable to freely choose what kind of WZ they want to Q for.

If you want PUG vs PUG , u go for that.

If you want Premades vs Premades u go for that.

Easy as Pie.