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If you like to see the mechanics behind a game, and a game with a variety of classes, gameplay and playing styles, you could try DDO, in my opinion. It is very complex regarding mechanics, though. Compared to that, SWTOR is ... heavily streamlined. Playing DDO is like driving an very old car with having to look after *lots* of driving components. But it's more sturdy, since it consists of real steel, not plastic components.

Personally - and this is my purely personal opinion - I'm a great fan of the offline game called "Drakensang 2 : The River Of Time". I always recommend it to people. I also participated in an beta test weekend at the developer (sadly the developer went into insolvency and was bought by another firm, so they don't exist anymore).
And it is actually the ONLY game I know of from the last 10 years where social skills / sociel interaction actually matters and contribute to the story / gameplay !

(Apart from "SIMs Mediwval" by EA. There, social skills and social interaction matter even more ... It feels a bit like an MMO as well, only that it has fighting replaced by social interaction in most parts.)
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