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12.15.2013 , 04:37 PM | #1
I didn't check into this fully cause i'm a little lazy but im sure the option is not there.
But i was talking to a guild member and he mentioned he had a 55 Sith Sorcerer.
And i told h im to transfer his Sith to the Republic so he could raid with us.
He had said if he could he would have a long time ago since join the guild.
I had discussed it with him and we both came up confused why there isn't
a "Faction" change in the game(Like i said i didn't look fully into it)
So i wanted to throw up this thread to see what people would think if they
did add it. And i wouldn't recommend calling it a "Faction" change. But more
like.. "Defecting"..

(If there is already the "Faction" change installed, then call me an idiot lol..)