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It's not my job to find a better example for you. If you want to stick with EVE as your example of what we should think of when we think 'sandbox game', then okay...

By all means, go with that, I'm sure EVE's sterling reputation won't be a detriment or anything.
You make me laugh Infernixx. Sometimes I think you are dead on, and sometimes a fool . Love it or really hate it (there is not much in-between), EVE is an excellent example of sandbox.

Corporations (Guild) can set up starbases to control solar systems. Corporations bad together in Alliances to control sectors and Alliances started banding together in meta-game as Coalitions to control vast areas and fight the most powerful Alliances and later other Coalitions. 90% of the "gear" is player crafted in what is the most intense and expansive player driven economy in an MMO. The most famous events in the game were all player driven.