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It's not my job to find a better example for you. If you want to stick with EVE as your example of what we should think of when we think 'sandbox game', then okay...

By all means, go with that, I'm sure EVE's sterling reputation won't be a detriment or anything.
Ah right, I guess you win this one then. We can take this as your final post and pretend I didn't respond to it so that you got the last word. That's fine with me. You're not even discussing.

The point of it being EVE is not because EVE is a good or a bad game, that's up to the player to decide. The point of using it as an example is because it's as sandbox as you can find. If it's deemed a good or a bad game has nothing to do with it. Any person capable of objective thought would see it as that, and not as a review of how the game is. It's about what type of game it is.

Personally I find it a rather good game, but then again, I do more complicated games as a rule of thumb. But this has nothing to do with it, liking the game or not.
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