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It is more developer impression than market desire. Everyone holds up WoW as the game. Ignoring the majority of millions of players that really want WoW are playing WoW and will continue to play WoW(until the severs close in the middle of play a la SWG). Add to that you have this subset of MMO players going from Beta to Beta (and yes I've met some of the same people in multiple games) that whine and cry about anything that doesn't fit that model.

Then you have the other side which is bringing over Asian MMOs. Nothing wrong with that, but they are tailor to quick in quick out and grinding. Sandbox doesn't really promote that as well as a game that you have an exact small area that has everything you need for grinding those 5/10/20 levels.

There are some sandbox games out there, but they are generally smaller because main stream publishers want less or nothing to do with them. They are too busy trying to fight over the same customers rather than picking up the millions of other MMO players out there that can't get what they want.
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