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2 Years have passed sind SWTOR was released. Doing a summary shows what we get in this period:

- 1 new planet, with a little basic q line, and some mini qs for both factions.
- 1 new warzone and arenas in pvp
- some cm stuff fur rp players emotes and dye modules
- 2 returning events (gree/bounty) and 2 one-time events (raks n chevin)
- a ****load of new boring meaningless daily quest hubs
- 5 New Ops (i dont considers goldenfury as an extra op...)

well in most other mmos u get this amount of content in less than a year...
All in the presentation I guess, but since I posted this just yesterday I may as well link it here: a rundown of what we've seen added just since F2P last november, including how frequently they've been coming out:
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthDymond View Post
I happened to have a pretty full rundown of the content that's been released since Free to Play started last November from an older post of mine, just to give you an idea of what's been added and how frequently:
November 15, 2012: Update 1.5: HK-51 Activated:
-Brand new Level 50 Daily Quest area (Section X) with multiple new solo and group quests.
-New World-boss (Dreadtooth) with scaling difficulty
-New quest-line involving a new location (and some variety of gameplay mechanics) to get a new DPS companion (HK-51) for all classes.
(Nightmare mode Explosive Conflict also added)

December 11, 2012: Update 1.6: Ancient Hypergate: (4 weeks after 1.5)
-Brand new Warzone (Ancient Hypergate) added
(Heroic Difficulty Space Missions also added)

February 12, 2013: Update 1.7: Return of the Gree: (9 weeks after 1.6, with X-mas/New Years in between)
-Brand new reoccurring World Event (Relics of the Gree) that involved totally changing an area of Ilum and introduced new solo and group quests available during the Event.
-New Operations level instanced World boss (Xenoanalyst II) available during the Event.
-2 new level 55 World Bosses available during the Event.
(Reputation system also added)
(Failed attempt to Open-World PVP added as part of the Event)

April 9(/14): Update 2.0: Scum and Villainy/Rise of the Hutt Cartel: (8-1/2 weeks after 1.7)
-New Planet with 2 storylines worth of quests, plus Macro-binocular and Seeker droid quest lines.
-2 new sets of Daily Quests (Makeb Dailies and GSI Dailies with associated Reputations)
-5 new levels with additional class abilities and revamped skill trees.
-New Operations level instanced World Boss (Toborro's Courtyard)
-New Operation (Scum and Villainy) with 7 bosses (up from 5 bosses in previous Ops)
(Also added level 55 Hard Modes for 4 existing flashpoints)
(Also added the heavily bugged Achievement system)

May 14: Update 2.1: Customization: (4 weeks after RotHC's general release)
-Fluff added (that included a new race and long-asked-for armor dye and barber-shop/species change options)

June 12: Update 2.2: Operation: Nightmare: (4 weeks after 2.1; 8 weeks after RotHC's general release)
-Nightmare Mode difficulty for Terror From Beyond Operation
-(Nightmare Mode for Scum and Villainy Operation released in Update 2.2.2 on July 10)

August 6: Update 2.3: Titans of Industry: (8 weeks after 2.2)
-Brand new Level 55 Daily Quest area (CZ-198) with multiple solo quests
-2 brand new Flashpoints (Czerka Corporate Labs and Czerka Core Meltdown) with Normal and Hard Modes.
-Brand new Monthly Reoccurring Event (Bounty Contract Week) added for levels 15 and up.
-Brand new Tank/Heals companion (Treek) available for all classes

October 1: Update 2.4: The Dread War: (8 weeks after 2.3)
-3 Brand new Warzone "Arenas" (Corellia, Tatooine, and Orbital Station) with new 4v4 Deathmatch style play.
-Brand new Level 55 Daily Quest area (Oricon) with multiple solo quests and a Heroic group quest.
-2 Brand new Operations (Dread Fortress and Dread Palace) with 5 bosses each - Story Mode and Hard Mode

December 3: Update 2.5: Galactic Starfighter Early Access: (9 weeks after 2.4)
-1 Brand new Warzone Arena (Makeb) for 4v4 Deathmatch mode.
-Subscribers gain access to brand new Galactic Startfighter game mode, 12v12 PVP free-flight space combat available for all levels with new progression and customization systems for starfighters.
If FPs, Dailies, and Raids really don't do anything for you, I can't really blame you for not being a huge fan of this game - but there's a lot more content we've been getting than your post makes it seem.

And on the story front, the daily areas in Black Hole, Section X, and Oricon have all had pretty nice little storylines to them, (CZ-198 was more 'meh',) so its not like the story just came to a dead stop with Makeb.
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