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It's probably new players and resubs because of the 30 days extra deal they had in late nov/early dec. (I'm one of these resubs).

Also, just checking the forums again I have to say about half of these hateful and rude posts are coming from the so called "defenders" of the game. You're just making your own forums more toxic. Just cause new people are popping in and starting silly threads that may or may not have been posted before doesn't give you free license to insult people and drag down every thread that merely *hints* at the suggestion this game could be improved in some aspect or another. Seriously, calm down and at least respond constructively.
I started to read your post and agreeing with you until you degenerated into "defenders" (at least you did not use blind fanboys, apologists, etc). Then went into them dragging down any posts that hints at criticism.

Too much criticism come in the form of "this game is a steaming pile and if you cannot see that you are a blind fanboy". Threads that are critical but are also filled with good suggestions sometimes get dragged down by the op themselves. Here is a great example. The op started with a title designed to rile people up and the very good suggestions were subsequently lost in ensuing flame war (with the op adding to it).

It would have been a great post with sticking to the truth of the matter that both camps are equally guilty of dragging threads into pointless name calling and insults. Some good threads have been dragged down, but we have seen many lately that really are obvious attempts to rile people up while others seem to be looking for a totally different game (this is not SWG nor was it ever intended to be sandbox).

I know I get riled up when people post about the game milked and abandoned and have to take a deep breath before posting (and still regret some posts).