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Well that's just my opinion out of this whole thing. Some are just complicated to get a point across. I am saying some people DO come on here just to troll or pay the money to bash the game. I think that's what happens. Sure, some new people are here and don't like some of the content so they criticize. I don't have problems with that. Everybody has their own opinion and I respect that.

What I do not respect and can't stand is the blatantly obvious people that come here from refer a friend, or the free sub time, or sub just to bash the game and want to see it fail for some firey passion of hatred they have against the game. There is a big difference between constructive criticism and flat out badly criticism of everything that BioWare does or doesn't do.

I realize some posters get mad, angry, upset etc but those ones underlying may like the game even though they are mad because they seem very passionate about what they want inside this game. I understand that and I know that. Some are just more passionate than others.

I welcome diversity, constructive criticism and I'm sure the company and devs do to. I was just wondering why suddenly there was a surge of these posters that have absurd names, no avatars and seem to all they do is bash the game and troll. (not saying everybody without an avatar or funny name is doing that) Just the ones that are, are very annoying.
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