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Well... since the OP likes to make comparisons between this game and WoW, let's go all the way shall we?

WoW had its first expansion released 2+ years after its release.
It included:
2 New Races.
Max level increased with 10 lvls.
1 New "Planet".
8 Dungeons
1 New battleground for PvP
3 arenas.

So basically that's what you got for 2+ years of development.

If you ask me, SW:TOR is doing just fine with its content.
That's pretty inaccurate, since during the first two years before the expansion was released WoW also put out:
5 Raids:
Blackwing Lair (1.6)
Zul'Gurub (1.7)
Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (1.9)
Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (1.9)
Naxxramas (1.11)

4 Dungeons:
Maraudon (1.2)
Dire Maul East (1.3)
Dire Maul West (1.3)
Dire Maul North (1.3)

3 One-Time Events:
Gates of Ahn'Qiraj (1.9)
Scourge Invasion (1.11)
Opening the Dark Portal (2.0)

3 Annual Events:

Feast of the Winter Veil (1.2)
Children's Week (1.4)
Hallows End (1.8)

3 Reoccuring Events:

Elemental Invasions (1.4)
Darkmoon Faire (1.6)
Stranglethron Fishing Extravaganza (1.7)

6 World Bosses:
Azurgos (1.3)
Lord Kazzak (1.3)
Lethon (1.8)
Emeriss (1.8)
Ysondre (1.8)
Taerar (1.8)

3 Battlegrounds:

Warsong Gulch (1.5)
Alterac Valley (1.5)
Arathi Basin (1.7)

4 Quest Hubs:
Thorium Point (1.5)
Revantusk Village (1.5)
Silithus (complete zone revamp) (1.8)
Light's Hope Chapel (1.11)

Various Quality of Life/Other:

Significant UI improvements (1.3)
Weather (1.10)
Cross-Realm Battlegrounds (1.12)
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