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You're right, I know nothing about you, which is why I was referring to the way you post. Your posts tend to clog up thread discussions and often come close to insulting people. Though I admit I may sometimes confuse your posts with those of OddballEasyEight and Reno_Tarshil since you use the same display picture and post pretty much the same things. It's hard to tell sometimes if you don't look at sig.
So, you admit that I don't insult anyone, you just don't like the tone of my typing.

I suspect there may be an issue with your monitor. Also, delete cookies.
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Infernixx nailed it. This is correct.
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There is no excuse for any single use item to ever cost more than a month's subscription. Anyone who pays $10 or $20 for a single use item is hastening the death of TOR and feeding the rise of TOR:The Cash Shop Menace.