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12.15.2013 , 02:49 PM | #36
I think constructive criticism is a good thing for the game.
My issue with the forums as of late is this:

I feel like most of the negative posters think that this game needs to fill every gaming need they have. This is not realistic. BW has been consistently putting out content and events. So its not the event or content you are looking for, tough, wait for the next release. People have been asking for a SSSP off rails, with grouping since I can remember. Now it is here and all I see are people saying its not good enough, innovative enough, easy enough. People are asking for the Rakghoul event back. Now its coming back and all I see is "where is the creativity and innovation BW."
People complained about BW putting items in achievements after they were no longer available and all I see is. Why are you bringing this stuff back again! get new stuff!!!
How about this one "Ops are too hard the casual player can't see the content" = Ops get nerfed and everyone cries.
"BW!!! Ops are to easy now, where is the challenge?" = Ops are harder, and everyone cries.

Its ridiculous. BW is slowly but surely giving us what has been asked for, they are building a foundation for this game to have a future on.
This is not the only video game to play, its ONE of the many MMOs out there. You can support it, through subbing, or the cartel market, you can support it via CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, bug reports, testing new content, and overall just caring enough to invest in your own entertainment.

This is not a single player game, so don't expect all of the content to be soloable.
This is not WOW, it hasn't been around for 10+ years don't expect it to have the same content variety.
This is not Rift or GW2, don't expect dynamic events all over the galaxy.

If you want something out of your gaming experience that you are not getting here there are a ton of places you can get it filled.

We don't know about all the politics BW/EA deal with internally, nor do I care to. I give feedback and my opinions on what I want the future of this game to look like. As long as it stays entertaining and fun it is worth me investing in my own entertainment, through supporting this game.

Anyone one who always supports the game and never has anything negative to say about isn't being realistic.
Anyone who does nothing but bash everything the devs do every time content releases should move on to something else, or supplement their gaming with games that do.

/ End rant