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Listen, misunderstandings happen a lot on forums, but your comments seemed more aggressive towards me than needed.

The trick is that the fact that you want something, doesn't make it simple. It's not just the programming but the reality that if a game goes too far in a certain directions there will be negative reactions. There are armours already that allow male characters to walk around bare chested and everything.

But you want dancer dresses for male characters apparently. This will make SWTOR the "drag queen" game in the eyes of the media and I think it may be a step too far for a number of players. It may be my misunderstanding but a man in a dress is something that is associated more with the gay community and therefore my link to same gender stuff. It's a larger issue if you will. Bioware have to consider the feelings and opinions of all player groups and some are larger than others. Now Bioware has already shown their resolve in games like DA and ME and let it be but those games are not MMOs but I am sure they have to consider the fact that they have agreements with Lucasarts about the use of the Star Wars name and what's ok and what isn't ok for that franchise. Also they don't want to make decision that will cost them too many players.

You seem to think that it shouldn't matter and therefore it doesn't matter what other people think. Now I agree with the first part. I also think it shouldn't matter but I know it does matter, sad as it is.

I just got little upset at you because you used comments like "for your amusement". In English that's not a neutral statement.
Fair enough. I hadn't realised that the "dress" factor was such an issues, given the the way robes are designed in this game. However, I might also add that the dancer gear isn't dresses, but that's by-the-by. As it is, because of my understanding of what the Slave and Dancer gears are, I hadn't realised that people would automatically associate them as being "drag" for male characters (again, I don't see anything wrong with that.)

You're right in saying that I probably haven't been regarding opposition opinions as much as might have been, largely due to the fact that I'm heavily stuck on the idea of "optional" being just that - people don't have to wear it if they don't want to, I wouldn't have thought that making the gear genderless would cause any lasting, or significant, derision.

I can't speak for how Mr. Lucas and Disney* would feel about having sexualised clothing for men in their franchise, nor can I speculate on whether it would be detrimental to Bioware's playerbase to introduce it (like I said, I'm of the mind that creating such gear as an option would be rather neutrally received, but what do I know, I'm no statistician.)

Also, I apologise for the "amusement" remark - I'm used to, when posting about these things outside of the Story and Lore boards, getting trolled or outright yelled at, for commenting on certain problematic elements of the game, and how it can still feel very "boys club" at times.

*I'm pretty sure Disney dissolved LucasArts when the Star Wars franchise was purchased, hence the ending of Clone Wars and the development of 1313