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No no. It is subscription only but there is a preferred friend program where it gives you free 7 days subscription if you click on it, or since GS came out they get 30 free days subscription that they can do as they please with it. It's still sub only.
You're seriously going to dismiss any dissenting voices as friend referrals? And you misunderstood my previous post. We do not get 30 days to do as with we please with the new expansion. There was a short period of time, maybe 5 or 6 days, can't remember exactly, where you could get 30 days extra if you resubbed. It's 30 days extra if you pay, not 30 days for nothing so you can troll the forums.

To elaborate, I currently plan to sub for around 60 days, so I can earn money on the GTN and bypass the 350k credit limit so that I can buy... fluff. That is why I am subbed. I'm posting on the forums now because I couldn't before as a preferred status player yet I had to see these know-it-all posters clog up the forums, preventing people from having useful discussions. THAT is why I am posting now. To think any new posters sub solely to troll the forums is absurd.

Also, many of us re-subs are people who previously left for some reason or another. So excuse us if our faith in this game isn't as unshakeable. Many of us just want to see the game improve and frankly there haven't been all that many improvements for the whole of two years it's been out.

Still, I enjoy the game and want to finish some of the storylines. Doesn't mean we can't talk about some issues once in a while if don't enjoy EVERYTHING about the game.