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4 Pages about this guy leaving SWTOR? Who cares!
SWTOR is a game... if you are not having fun while you are playing it... than stop playing it!

I bought the SWTOR CE but stopped playing after the free month (dez 2011) because I felt that the game was unfinished, 2 years later I do have the opinion that the game is finally showing real quality, which is the reason why I bought a gamecard and I'm playing several toons at the moment. SWTOR is not a F2P game in my opinion, there are to many restrictions and I would not have fun playing the game as a F2P (preferred access) player. I'm currently paying 5 per month, which is a total bargain.

Things about SWTOR which I love:
The Story for example... absolutely gorgeous.
Galactic Starfigther is a nice addition and after getting used to it, it is actually quite a lot of fun.
Warzones, especially Arena 4vs4 are entertaining.
The game is challenging, even in the leveling phase... can't wait to try out some raids.
I'm looking forward to the fact that Bioware does not allow mods to be installed which would make raids a borefest, which I know from WoW... where raiding has no sense anymore aside from looting... no challenge, as the Mods do the work.

There are so many things which I have not even reached yet and this game is at least worth another ~200 hours of entertaining fun... and afterwards, well... life goes on. I do have the opinion that SWTOR is moving in the right direction and Bioware has redeemed itself, at least in my opinion... as I was really disappointed of the state of the game after it was released in december 2011. I've played many MMO's in the past years and SWTOR has the best questing/leveling phase among all of them, combined with the legacy and the option to play both factions in a single legacy, the replayability of the questing zones is very high.

Allright... what I wanted to say is: STOP WHINING.
If you have any suggestions... than post them in the suggestions section... but please do not use the General Discussion section for your personal goodbye letter which nobody wants to read aside from yourself. bye.