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2 Years have passed sind SWTOR was released. Doing a summary shows what we get in this period:

- 1 new planet, with a little basic q line, and some mini qs for both factions.
- 1 new warzone and arenas in pvp
- some cm stuff fur rp players emotes and dye modules
- 2 returning events (gree/bounty) and 2 one-time events (raks n chevin)
- a ****load of new boring meaningless daily quest hubs
- 5 New Ops (i dont considers goldenfury as an extra op...)
First of all BW did really poorly in the first year and we know this. But the second year is very different. For that reason the two year overview is not a fair assessment of the game today.

We actually have 2 new planets. Makeb and Oricon.
PvP did get very little but with GS a big PvP element has been added and leaderboards are now there at least. All recent changes.
I find that there are enough events. I hate games like GW2 that seem to revolve around nothing but events.
I like that there's a choice in dailies so I can choose the ones I like and leave the ones I don't
4 of the 5 ops were added this year. That's all I have to say about that.

This is the point. All that stuff that you listed and you say other games get in less than a year, we actually got in less than a year.

I agree that the first year was bad but they've turned things around and things are much better for this game this year and I expect that to continue.

Personally I like GS and it's a lot more complex than I realised it would be but fun. Sorry you don't like it but that doesn't discount it, but I do think that this year has proven a very different year for SWTOR and I am enjoying GS and looking forward to the 2 events running as of tuesday and still busy with operations and leveling toons.

I think we just need to collectively get over the bad first year and start looking at the game as it was this year. Yes it was bad, this year is better. Stop living in the past.
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