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12.15.2013 , 02:17 PM | #82
I'm aware that it requires creating the armour and making sure it doesn't bug dramatically (though the current armours do - skin clips through the slave and dancer bottoms a lot, there are skin colour light bugs with the Relaxed Vestments, skirts clip through legs, all that sort of thing) and that doing so takes time, but I'm not saying that Bioware have to make an all-new range of 'one of a kind' haute-couture For Men range.

Also, I'm not sure what you mean about my "high horse" or "judgements", you'll have to explain those to me.

I wasn't commenting on same-gender romances, but rather on the issue of having subservient and ostensibly sexualised armours as being 'female-only', when put into the wider context of the game and the position of women within it (and certainly the industry, if we want to include that), rather than being unrestricted armour. Other games have done unrestricted skimped/sexualised armour, admittedly those are usually from launch and part of the design ethos, rather than something brought in after the fact.

Whoo, humans play this game? Not all 'traditional views' are the same thing? Are we using traditional views as another word for heteronormative? I don't... I want to be sure we're using the same language here and can actually understand each other, because I think I'm misinterpreting everything you say. Because I'm really starting to get the vibe that I disgust you.