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Oh, so SC created the 'concept' of the flight sim game as well as the idea of 'scout ships' and 'gun ships' and 'strike fighters'....That's a new one.

Oh, I see..You're not saying that at all. What you're saying is that GS is a twist on an established concept, adapted and designed to fit into TOR.

Well, that's reasonable. I can live with that.

I mean, it'd be ridiculous to expect any company to come up with a completely original and innovative mini-game that hasn't already been created by someone else in the MMO genre. Right? Only the silliest of people would have such high expectations when an adapted flight sim game with a TOR twist would be awesomely good fun and would lose nothing whatsoever in the process by being that adapted game...

It's a good thing no one's saying that.
Dude, it's not a unique twist. It's really just how can we copy-paste this game completely but get away with it? Oh, I know, let's add companion voice overs. That's what it is. The gamplay, the classes, even the asteroid map are almost COMPLETELY the same. Is it really such an affront for people to expect something slightly more unique for the super secret space project? What's so bad about a little innovation?