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Alright. Let's not let this get to personal attacks now. Let's keep it on subject here. No need to derail just to prove something to others.
I'm merely pointing out that you veteran posters calling out others for being hateful and disruptive to the forums is kinda ridiculous when many of the hateful and unconstructive posts are coming from your so-called "clique." Having said that, I guess it does depend on the poster. Your posts have been polite and courteous as far as I know so I'm not saying this applies to every veteran poster.

But it's frustrating for people who don't frequent the forums as often to come here and see you guys act like you're running the show and moan about how people are constantly whining and "attacking" the game. Sure, people start a ton of troll threads but that doesn't give you the right to bring down every thread where people aren't a 100% happy. It's an MMO and it should have a big community befitting one, not one dominated by a few prolific posters who think they know best.