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What exactly do you expect to happen?

All I ask is that Bioware removed arbitrary gender restrictions on the current gendered gear - that applies for the single piece of male-only armour we have, as well (which, incidentally, has reskins that female characters can wear.)
Oh is that all? You make it sound as if it's nothing. Sadly as we all know it's never that simple. I wish it was but I am realistic enough to realise it isn't that simple. But that aside, it's just something I wonder about because lots of people here are so involved in what they want that they have no concept of what these issues might entail for BW. I don't have the answer to the question but I find it distasteful that you sit on your high horse and just assume the world must change for you, without you taking the slightest interest in what BW's situation is in that. You have your judgements so easily made and yet you are upset that other people have judgements about same gender stuff. That's just being a bad advocate for your own ideals. I personally have absolutely no problem with same gender elements, but I do try to take into account that for BW such issues are not as simple as throwing a switch.

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"certain traditional views"? You're playing a game that's in space, with non-humans in positions of power, as well as women and people of colour. If anyone was going to be offended by this game, they'd would have done so already and left. In fact, after Makeb dropped, I think some did (or they were banned.)
Playing a Star Wars game made by George Lucas who never touched same gender stuff and changed episode IV so Greedo shot first out of some moral regret he got at a later age. Of course traditional views are in play. I may not like that but again, it's not realistic to discount traditional views people have since the entire player base ...surprising as it may be to you... but yes the ENTIRE player base are human beings that live on the planet Earth.

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And prejudice? I've already expanded on this point, multiple times, I will not be drawn into needlessly repeating myself for your amusement.
This isn't for my amusement. You are rash in your conclusions and I find it disappointing that you judge me so. This has absolutely nothing to do with my amusement. In fact I am one of the people who was always for same gender relationships in this game. I am a male heterosexual but I play female characters and wish I could have romances with female companions.

Don't mistake my lack of blind idealism for being against same gender relationship. I am just saying that it's ok to be a bit more realistic and a bit more understanding towards a company like BW who do, to a degree, have to consider consequences of their choices. People already call Makeb the "gay planet", just because there are some flirt options. It's ridiculous, but that doesn't mean these reactions don't exist.
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