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Well there is that I suppose. I do wonder what BW has to balance in this entire equation though. I sometimes thing that even though it's not fair they do have to consider certain traditional views as to not to get too much flack. And where do you draw the line.
What exactly do you expect to happen?

All I ask is that Bioware removed arbitrary gender restrictions on the current gendered gear - that applies for the single piece of male-only armour we have, as well (which, incidentally, has reskins that female characters can wear.)

"certain traditional views"? You're playing a game that's in space, with non-humans in positions of power, as well as women and people of colour. If anyone was going to be offended by this game, they'd would have done so already and left. In fact, after Makeb dropped, I think some did (or they were banned.)

And prejudice? I've already expanded on this point, multiple times, I will not be drawn into needlessly repeating myself for your amusement.