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Quote: Originally Posted by Foambreaker View Post
How dare those customers who are not part of the Special Snowflake Forum Clique post?

Who do they think they are?

And to disagree with the Clique?

They don't even have a sig, or have their text colored to be special.

How dare they!
I'm not talking about new players that recently joined the game. That's fine if nobody has an avatar. IDC. You are missing my point. I'm talking about the blatantly obvious ones that have 2 or 3 posts hating on the game, not giving any criticism, have no avatar and appear to be here just to hate. I've noticed a lot more of that this past month or so.

Criticism is fine and it being constructive, I welcome it. But there is a difference between people coming JUST to hate the game, or new people that don't have an avatar. I'm not saying everybody has to have an avatar to be taken seriously. That's ridiculous.
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