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Aaaaand this is why I should have started my own thread. (And did, elsewhere. Link above.)

I do NOT think there are too many skimpy outfits. They aren't for me, but whatever. I do not think there are too many modest outfits. This has NOTHING to do with morals.

Find one shirt in game with no attachments or necklaces but a V-neck. Aspiring knight is close... but the leg things. Mira's is close (I've heard some say it's ****** wear, but I don't think it's so bad), but it has that necklace. It's a simple request.

(Sorry to continue on the necro thread btw. Just had to answer that. *eyeroll*)
Yeh, next time you necro a thread, try to necro a thread that's actually about what you want to post about. The OP and title are clear enough I would think and what you want to talk about is clearly not the same thing.
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