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Look, I know back early on post release there was an outcry for more 'sexy' gear (for males especially), and it's awesome that you guys are listening to community demands, but enough is enough.

We've gotten to the point where this stuff is seriously oversaturated, and introducing more items of a similar nature - or a different colour - just isn't worth it right now. And on the rare occasion we do get a new model for armor involving even an inch of exposed flesh, it's way too excessive. Where are simple low-cut tops, or v-neck shirts? Maybe even just a tunic with short sleeves, or a halter top look chestpiece instead? We're not all hormonal 13 year olds, but more variety can be done with showing skin then what we've currently got, and in more creative ways that might actually find some circulation in the in-game market. 15 odd pages of dancer's gear pieces should be indicative that we're just not interested in any more of this gear right now - there's no demand for it.
It's simple. If you don't like this "skimpy" gear. Don't buy or wear it. If other people want it and use it, what business is it of yours? You'd rather inflict YOUR esthetic on the rest of the populace? Talk about childish...time to grow up and face the real world where other people like different things than you.

Every new cartel pack has armor for all types of people. Most all the Raid/PVP based armor is NOT "skimpy" at all. So, you are exaggerating greatly. Maybe 8 or so sets of dancers/skimpy gear TOTAL in the game. Your really going off the tracks here buddy.

There is tons of types and styles of armor in this game. Granted, in my opinion 90% of it is ugly, but that is the nature of diversity.