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That's because there is nothing to fix. People like you just exaggerate because you don't like what others like.

Look at the last cartel pack for example. Why cartel packs? Well because that's where the vast majority of all moddable gear comes from.

So let's look at the opportunist's bounty back:

Look at it. How much of this is too skimpy? I dare say none of it.

Then let's take the one before it. The Tracker's bounty pack.

Look at it. Two dancer outfits and another that you could argue. And 8 that are not.

Honestly, the vast majority of gear that comes out is not skimpy at all. If you think you see too many skimpy outfits around you from other player's characters. Well, then that means that you are in a minority and you don't get to dictate what others can and cannot wear. You don't have that right.

And no, I don't use skimpy outfits much myself. Hardly at all. But the fact is that the vast majority of gear that comes out is not skimpy and therefore you are simply talking nonesense. If you think there's too much of it on the fleet then you simply need to realise that a lot of people will choose that sort of thing even when there are other options.

Sorry but you don't get to impose your morals on others. I think BW has done enough to allow you to dress up the way you want as much as others get their choices. If you are not tolerant of other people's choices in that you shouldn't play an MMO. It's a given that you'll run into a lot of people who don't share your standards, whatever they may be.
Aaaaand this is why I should have started my own thread. (And did, elsewhere. Link above.)

I do NOT think there are too many skimpy outfits. They aren't for me, but whatever. I do not think there are too many modest outfits. This has NOTHING to do with morals.

Find one shirt in game with no attachments or necklaces but a V-neck. Aspiring knight is close... but the leg things. Mira's is close (I've heard some say it's ****** wear, but I don't think it's so bad), but it has that necklace. It's a simple request.

(Sorry to continue on the necro thread btw. Just had to answer that. *eyeroll*)