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Dancer and Slave outfits are female-only, mind, hardly fair.
Well there is that I suppose. I do wonder what BW has to balance in this entire equation though. I sometimes thing that even though it's not fair they do have to consider certain traditional views as to not to get too much flack. And where do you draw the line.

Sure there are a few people here who would probably like dancer outfits for male characters but before we start throwing around words like prejudice there is the simple reality that they would only put effort in something that would be interesting to enough people. And I honestly don't know but it could be that there aren't that many people who really want dancer outfits for male characters. But if I look at this game 18 months ago and now, there are tons of options there didn't used to be, including bare chested males. The female characters still get a boring bra-like cloth contraption so even though they can wear it, it's not really useful for female characters.

My point is that there are options and the skimpy gear is still a minority and no matter how BW respond to the issue, there will be a thread to complain about it.
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